Villebois - Bugey - Ain
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A dream which becomes ambitious

First of all we wanted to keep the soul and the first appearance of the building. In the meanwhile we wanted to respect the environment and the wellness of our customers. Though the renovation has been made with ecological materials and old technologies like hemp work, woodwork and lime work…

As we gave priority to natural materials, the project became an eco-friendly cottage. Then we adapted the improvement of the building with the development of the cottage.

Indeed, we used only eco-aware materials. We chose only technologies which protect as much resources as health: hydro-economic machines, solar energy, wood, natural paint…

We used materials produced in our local area: wood fiber, cellulose padding, exterior joinery, wood granules. Furthermore the choice of energy-saving-light-bulbs and energy saving machines, and also the waste separation make our customers aware about the respect and protection of the environment.

materials used for the cottage creation


stoneworkEco-friendly cottage certification…

So, Cédric Gireau wanted to get the eco-friendly cottage label. Inside, each time it was possible, we kept the stonework especially around the doors and windows (which are triple glazing).

Concerning heat and sound insulations of the walls, we used hemp bricks of 10 cm, and between the stone walls and the bricks some hemp straw has been poured in.

Water recovery



The water rain is saved in three tanks of 900 L for the three toilets of the cottage and for the toilets of owners' home too.


 a under floor heating with a wood-fired boiler




The under floor heating makes an interesting thermal inertia as it distributes ideally the heat. The comfort is ensured by a under floor heating with a wood-fired boiler which produces also the heating in the owners' home.

wood granules stock



solar cells





Some solar and thermal cells on the roof produce the energy for hot water and extra heating.



wood shelf



And last but not least, each time it was possible, we used local persons and materials to build the cottage. For example, you will admire this custom made wood shelf which has been created with two hanged up broomsticks.

wood eggcup


And you will savour your boiled eggs in eggcup made in wood which has been cut in the garden.





Lime-Hemp mix: an old material which comebacks

The calcic lime has got a chemical reaction with the air and especially with carbonic gas. It binds hemp fibers each over and becomes an excellent isolator. The stone walls of the cottage are lined inside with a mix of lime and hemp bricks which are cemented with a lime mortar. The space between the bricks and the walls are filled in with the thin party of the hemp called "chènevotte". Then the bricks are covered with a mix of lime and hemps and water. The drying is very slow and must be done at positive T°C. When it's dry we can apply to the walls a transparent layer of paint made up of vegetal gum to protect them. At least the walls are breathable to avoid an accumulation of dampness. So the project of Villebois makes the old technologies and the natural materials using to match with good thermal performances.

Partition walls



Partition walls, tiling, electricity: the coordination is difficult sometimes…




Bricks of hemp



Bricks of hemp.



In Villebois (AIN), Greeneo supports the development of …the first eco-friendly cottage certified.

Greeneo consulting coordinated the whole workings in Villebois, as it gathered all the local artisans. The workings began in July 2010 and finished in March 2011. It was a successful thanks to the quality of materials, the know-how of the artisans but also thanks to the good supply and the efficient coordination of artisans. The territorial authorities approved the project as they gave financial help and as they certified it as the first eco-friendly cottage of the department of Ain.


55, chemin de motte / Route de Bouis