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Nos partenaires

Many partners confirm the consistency of the project

Cédric Gireau, the owner of the project has joined Gîtes de France. Beyond the services offered, he must be watchful concerning the good application of the specifications of the Gîtes de France label.

Though, the eco-friendly label proposed by Gîtes de France has been chosen: the contractual requirements promote the project as they give a technical help.

Ain Conseil Energie and Mikaël Josselin are members of Greeneo network: the technical study and support at each step of the project is a factor for success. Greeneo prepares the business plan with the administrative support and the coordination of the workings until the signature of the certificate allowance, essential for the Ten-year warranty.

Hélianthe is the Energy Information Organization of Ain : it has confirmed the energy choices of the project by its energy advisors.

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  Tourism and Disability

The department of Ain steps in through the departmental tourism committee which supports the tourism activity. The aid-grant of this organization is about the tourist structure creation. We also had the aid-grant of Rhone-Alpes area.

The both support also the Tourism and Handicap label. The MITRA is in charge of the control of this national mark: there's a visit of the cottage to certify the validity of the workings at the end of them.

The Agency of Development of Economies and of the Energy Saving is a national organization. The project required the aid-grant that it had rights, that is to say for the heating with renewable energy: wood granules and solar cells.

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