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Tourisme and handicap

Cédric Gireau also hopes to get the "tourism and handicap" label…Today the cottage is on going to be certified.

The « handicap » side of the project needs to put electric rolling shutters on windows but regards to the aestheticism we decided to keep also the wood shutters.

The electric and sanitary installation is based on the handicap access norm: position of electrical switch buttons, showers adapted to handicap persons, grab-bar, etc.

In the physically-handicapped room (grape room), there's a sliding door to enter in the shower room. And the walls' materials make a real acoustic comfort in the whole cottage.

One of the two shower rooms is especially done for wheelchair, while the whole cottage has been adapted to the needs of all other handicaps (visually, auditory and mentally handicap).

The floor of the cottage is neither sliding nor free soil and without any obstruction. Some color zones make the identification of different areas easier. Some spot lights have been included in the floor to differentiate the areas. The accesses and the whole equipment have been thought to make life easier for everybody.

We thought about the visibility, the high and the accessibility of all kind of furnitures like handles, buttons, table, etc.

The kitchen with whole facilities

The kitchen area is spacious.
You can move the little furniture on wheels under the sink to have access with a wheelchair.

part of the kitchen

Removable part of the kitchen


In the kitchen you can move the table to different high as you want.
Furthermore, all the electrical domestics have some descriptive stickers in relief on it.
In this way the persons with a visually handicap can have the good information and choose the right one.

Removable table

stickers in relief for visually handicapped persons

Transit area

The cottage has been created with “a unity of life” concept.
The lines are without obstruction and with circulation zones for handicapped persons.
Some spot lights are fitted into the floor to warn the persons with a visually handicap.

light fitted on the floor

 view on the hall and the light fitted on the floor


To make visibility better, all the buttons are colored in a different way than the wall. The colors depend on the design of each room in order to not break the harmony of the interior.

 switch light with color contrasting

switch light with color contrasting

The bed rooms

The rooms are easily accessible through a wide hallway leading to two bedrooms.
The rooms are spacious and allow easy wheelchair movement.

view on the hall

view on the “cherry” bed room


Each bed room has its own shower room. The access of one (grape room) is done by a sliding door in order to move easily with a wheelchair.

sliding door for “grape” shower room

sliding door, view from the shower room

The shower rooms & The toilets

Each shower room has an italian shower, entirely tiled (floor and walls). They are spacious enough, comfortable and lovely. Each shower has a grab-bar.
The shower of the grape room, thanks to his removable seat, makes the transfer from the wheel chair easier.

shower with removable seat

 view of the two shower rooms


The toilets of the both shower rooms have also a grab-bar. And in the grape shower room, there’s enough space for the transfer from a wheel chair.

view on the toilets and shower of “cherry” room

toilets of “grape” room

The outside

The terrace has a lovely view on the yard and the garden. It’s accessible by a ramp and it’s got a balustrade.

 cottage access by the garden side

view on the terrace and the ramp access


balustrade, view on the garden

Wiew on the terrace and the ramp access



55, chemin de motte
Route de Bouis